K Camp On-Air With WBLK, 93.7’s DJ Ace


In a rare interview K Camp discusses his debut album “Only Way Is Up” which is out today. During this interview K Camp and ACE reminisce about the past 2 years of their friendship and crashing Kevin Harts CIAA Day Party.

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WGCI: Trey White Hits The Streets Of Chicago


Watch: Say Word. Trey White hit the streets of Chicago to see what the people think of ‪#‎KanyeForPresident‬ in 2020! Radio news can be very BORING. The display of urban talent around the country is who we are. Showcase your talents just like Trey White of WGCI. Email us: webmaster@urbaninsite.com.

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93.7 WBLK’s Yasmin Young Interviews Daymon Wayans


Yasmin Young, afternoon host on 93.7 WBLK in Buffalo talks with Daymon Wayans about kissing his brother, growing up in a huge family, his kids and grandkids and more!   Showcase your talents. Urban Insite Airchecks. Email your talents: webmaster@urbaninsite.com  

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Beasy Baybie: Afternoons Hot 103.9 Columbia, SC


Beasy Baybie Hot 103.9 Columbia, SC E: beasybaybie@gmail.com Urban Insite Talent Showcase At Urban Insite we showcase all talent. The radio business is changing, and this is your chance to showcase your skill and talents on-air instantly. Opportunity is something you can create for yourself, if you want. Getting attention for yourself can only be

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